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AUTOBIOGRAPHY     –     1921-1982
Andrée Blouin was born in 1921 to an African mother and a French father. Her autobiography tells a touching story: one that begins in her mother's village, on the banks of the Oubangi river. Her father takes her away from her mother at the tender age of three and puts her in an orphanage in Brazzaville. She stays there until the age of seventeen. Twice married, she then became politically involved, first with the RDA in Guinea at the time of the 1958 referendum. After her expulsion from Guinea, Andrée joined the Belgian Congo's fight for freedom and, in 1960, became Chief of Protocol in Lumumba's government. Shortly before Lumumba's assassination by Mobutu, she was expelled from Africa and arrived in Europe, aged just 22. She eventually settled in Paris where she became active in protesting against French policy in Africa.

Andrée Blouin. My Country Africa. Autobiography of the Black Pasionaria. New York: Praeger, 1983. [In collaboration with Jean MacKellar].

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